Night Night

Vanessa Hordies designed this exquisite lamp that invites you to drift off to sleep. The base holds the light and wiring, while the hourglass slowly trickles over the light source dimming the light over a period of fifteen minutes. I’m not a big fan of bright lights and one that will dim itself without a fancy mechanism is pretty cool. I am a big fan of the sleek hourglass, partially because the archetypal feminine shape is always nice to look at.

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via Dezeen

Also check out this short video for Night Night.

Night Night by Vanessa Hordies from Dezeen on Vimeo.


Water figures by Linden G.

A biochemist by training who works in pharmaceuticals, Linden Gledhill uses a keen eye and some amazing techniques to photograph everything from insects to microscopic marine sponges:

I’m completely enchanted by the physical world around me and obsessed by its natural beauty. My career in science has magnified this feeling of awe. For me, photography is a way to capture this physical beauty and to pass this feeling on to others.

In Water figures Linden G. took stills from high speed video of water based paint and sound from a speaker. The colors are vibrant and shapes organic, evoking a sense of playfulness that pops out against the stark contrast of the black shade of the background. Enjoy the four photos I included below, and make sure to check out his full Flickr photostream!

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Photos: Linden Gledhill

Cardboard USB Drive

Russian designers Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Ehrlich of Art Lebedev Studio created these simple and clean USB drives made out of cardboard. Apart from being eco-friendly, which I am a big fan of, the compact design and the ability to directly write or doodle on the USB drive itself adds to the genius of this design. Unfortunately, while flipping through their shop I did not see these for sale.

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Photos: Art Lebedev Studio