Jules Aarons was a genius.

While channel surfing this weekend I happened upon an episode of This Old House and decided to watch for a bit. They are always renovating old homes with a ton of history, and I’ve always liked how they modernize the homes without erasing all the historical significance of the house. As it turns out the current project involved constructing an addition and some renovations to Jules Aarons’ former residence. I had seen some of his work before, but didn’t know much about him. Luckily this episode had a feature on him and they had his son, Philip Aarons, speak about his father and his artistic endeavors.

In it Philip Aarons gives some great insight into the mind and workings of the Boston physicist with a keen eye for photography. Some of Philip’s fondest memories were helping his father develop film in their basement dark room. Jules Aarons used the streets of Boston as his canvas, and the normal everyday person as his paint. Philip states that his father was not much of a social person, and preferred to walk in silence with camera in hand always observing those around him for the perfect moment to take a picture. You can read more about Jules Aarons on his website.

Photos: © Jules Aarons



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