Madrid-Barajas Airport

I am really surprised that with an 8 hr idiotic layover last year at the Madrid-Barajas airport I don’t have more pictures of this beautiful terminal. Terminal 4, which is where I spent the brunt of my 8 hours, was designed by Antonio Lamela and Richard Rogers (Madrid-Barajas Wiki). They won the 2006 Stirling Prize for this design, and I can tell you they definitely deserved it. Were it not for the curvaceous ceiling clad end to end in wood and the brightly painted steel supports that change in hue from yellow at one end of the terminal to violet at the other, I think I would have gone insane.

The Y-support beams are just really mesmerizing to look at.

I thought the design of the air conditioning vents were interesting too. They ran the whole length of the terminal against the glass panes that make up the facade of the whole terminal. That is another reason I really liked this terminal. There was so much natural light, that it didn’t feel like you were in a busy international airport.

What was also pretty cool was all the activity going on around outside the terminal. It was fun to watch an airport crewman pop out occasionally from some out-of-view door, hop in to one of these little carts, and zip off to do some no doubt crucial task. These little carts remind me of a flock of sheep, just hanging out in a pen. I wonder if they talk to each other while they wait for someone to whip them up for work?

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