C215 in Roma

C215 - Roma by C215
C215 – Roma, a photo by C215 on Flickr.

C215’s work is always amazing. Here is one from some of his recent pieces in Roma.



HOGRE in Firenze

I stumbled upon this while waiting outside for some friends of mine who were grabbing what they said was the best tiramisu semifreddo they have ever had. If you happen to be in Florence make sure to have someone direct you to Gelateria dei Neri. They’re open late (’til midnight) for the post-dinner/pre-drink sweet tooth. Anyway, I digress. While waiting outside I was surprised to see this stencil. My camera had died earlier that night, but luckily having it shut off for a while must have saved enough reserve juice to snap a couple of photos. Now we had frequented this gelateria almost three nights in a row and I don’t remember seeing this previously, so its quite likely that this one was just placed the night before. Unfortunately I didn’t see any other of HOGRE’s work elsewhere during our weeklong stint in Florence.

Make sure to check out HOGRE’s Flickr for more.

Photos © art.is.analogue
Stencil art by HOGRE
Location: Firenze, Italia


Invader in Rome

While waiting for a friend to send a very important package via the Italian Post I noticed this little Space Invader out on the street. It was a nice surprise to catch that, especially having strolled through there a couple of times the previous two days we were in Rome. Sadly I didn’t see any more the rest of the trip, but stay tuned for more images from our two week tour of Italy.

Photos © art.is.analogue
Location: Via della Lungaretta, Trastevere, Rome


Pretty damn random

While perusing the RSS feeds today I came across a post on My Modern Met that brightened the flickering bulb in my head. Last year while in Italy for a couple of weeks as part of a course on the History of Anatomy in Situ, I came across an amazing mural on a wall in Padova and took a couple of pictures. I really thought nothing of it, since it seems that everywhere you turn there is some sort of graffiti on the walls up and down the streets. And though this mural was nothing short of amazing, I just thought it was some random graffiti artist with exceptional talent who happened on a pristine wall and just couldn’t help but completely cover it with characters from the deep recesses of his imagination. As I read that post today I realized that it wasn’t just some random graffiti artist, it was a piece by Padova based artist Kenny Random.

We were just walking down the street when we came upon this around the corner. I guess it was pretty random.
I like that its monochromatic. The characters look eerily familiar, like from a cartoon you have seen before but don’t quite remember the name to. I’d definitely watch this early on Saturday morning.
Photos: art.is.analogue

Here are some more of Kenny Random’s work from his own site:

Kenny Random caught in the act.
All done.

Photos: ©Kenny Random

I will definitely be on the lookout for his stuff in a couple of weeks while there for a second visit.