C215 in Roma

C215 - Roma by C215
C215 – Roma, a photo by C215 on Flickr.

C215’s work is always amazing. Here is one from some of his recent pieces in Roma.



Water figures by Linden G.

A biochemist by training who works in pharmaceuticals, Linden Gledhill uses a keen eye and some amazing techniques to photograph everything from insects to microscopic marine sponges:

I’m completely enchanted by the physical world around me and obsessed by its natural beauty. My career in science has magnified this feeling of awe. For me, photography is a way to capture this physical beauty and to pass this feeling on to others.

In Water figures Linden G. took stills from high speed video of water based paint and sound from a speaker. The colors are vibrant and shapes organic, evoking a sense of playfulness that pops out against the stark contrast of the black shade of the background. Enjoy the four photos I included below, and make sure to check out his full Flickr photostream!

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Photos: Linden Gledhill